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Esteemed Participants,

My name is Onuralp Acar, and it’s a unique privilege to welcome you to the conference, which directly focuses on Model UN and fascinating world problems surrounding it. It became a great chance for my life to be the Secretary General of TROYMUN 2017.
First of all, I just want to express that I was fortunate enough to be supported by great people whom I have been looking up to since I have started participating in Model United Nations and I can not say how much grateful I am for every one of them for their endless encouragement. Also, this year it is a privilege to be encompassed by incredibly kind, charming and exquisite group of people particularly being a luminary in our society Yeditepe Model United Nations and Çanakkale College.

This year TROYMUN will entertain four different committees, where delegates have a very exceptional opportunity to participate in debates in various fields of international relations.
Moreover, for the delegates who wish to pursue a career in international relations, TROYMUN will be providing you with a rare insight of an international relations atmosphere. Over and above that, TROYMUN 2017 is delighted to introduce to you JCC Gallipoli Committee. For many students I have encountered so far, the topic of World War I has been considered stressful and uneventful, however, TROYMUN 2017 team created a fantastic and memorable committee that deals with the historical administrative and political problems.

It is a great satisfaction to work with amazingly intelligent, hardworking and diligent group of people, whom I have the pleasure of referring to as my team, who sacrificed their precious time to create sensational and spectacular committees with the aim of indulging every participant’s hunger for the highest quality of debates.
We, as the academic and operations team of TROYMUN 2017, cannot wait to see you at Çanakkale Parion Hotel between 18th and 20th of November 2017.

Onuralp ACAR
Secretary-General of TROYMUN 2017

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