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Esteemed Guests,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the 2nd edition of Troy Model United Conference as the Secretary-General. Through lively and informed debate, exciting social events, and a unique conference spirit, the TroyMUN experience reaches across cultures and borders to inspire both cooperation and friendship.

TroyMUN hosts nine simulated committees from the United Nations, featuring a multitude of member states, international organizations, and related governmental and non-governmental bodies. Our committee sessions are directed by an extremely involved dais staff, providing the perfect setting for participants to discuss some of the most pressing problems of our generation.

The true essence of TroyMUN revolves around the delegate experience, and we are committed to ensuring that our participants have the most engaging and enriching experience possible. Whether this comes from debate or diplomacy inside committee or the formation of relationships with fellow delegates from around the globe, the conference is an experience that delegates remember for a lifetime. 

The primary objective is to foster greater international understanding among youth. TroyMUN offers young people the opportunity to interact with their counterparts from around the world. Students represent countries vastly different from their own and express political beliefs and values often diametrically opposed to those of their own cultures and nationalities. I would like to invite you to the 2nd edition of Troy Model United Nations Conference.

Onuralp ACAR 
Secretary-General of Troy Model United Nations 2018



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